How good and how pleasant it is... to dwell together in unity.

                                                        Psalm 133:1

A Future in Hope


...to bring hope and help to people in need


​​APRIL 2019 Update:

We are going to Cuba from May 29 - June 4, 2019 to preach the word of God, help the poor with food, and go to orphanages to bring hope. Please pray for God's help and favor.

We are visiting Mexicali, Mexico from June 5-7, 2019 to teach and pray for the poor. We help support an orphanage called Under His Wings. We are praying to help them with a new bathroom and a laundry room. This would allow them to be able to help more children whom are without parents. The orphanage provides free breakfast for the children before they go to school.

Our next trip will be to Lima, Peru in August to teach on the prophetic. It is in our hearts to establish a home for abused women and children. We will speak at churches like "La Vina" and new ones. We will be going to poor areas to bring food and pray for healing. We will be visiting Ventenilla, via El Salvador, Puente Predra, and others. We will be joining Maria Farfan in Lima, Peru who has been in Peru since March establishing connections and helping the needy.

We are also praying about going to Venezuela and pray for God's help in that country. This year we will also go to Italy to speak, and we have plans to visit Kenya (Africa) and other countries.

Thank you for all of your support. Please pray for us.