​​JULY 2020 Update:

 During these troublesome times we are allowing time to pass with purpose;

Last year, 2019, saw us doing more and going more places.  We visited Milan, Italy, Havana, Cuba, Mexicali, Mexico and many new seeds were planted.  We had many new trips planned for 2020, but unfortunately, had to put them on hold.  We are waiting for the green light to launch us to minister in new places.  We were to return to Italy this March, visit Israel,  and were preparing for more trips.  We had conferences set up in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and going back to Cuba visiting more isolated place where people really need help.  We also had plans to be a part of a conference in Mexico, Tijuana, Mexicali and returning to Lima, Peru. 

Now as we are waiting for things to change toward a more normal state, we are helping in Peru with food. There are such shortages in Peru that Maria Farfan, who is living there in a ministerial capacity, is visiting and feeding the needy in and around Lima.  There are so many issues there. Homelessness is not just a temporary state but a lifestyle for many families. People are desperate.  She has been doing what she can by making up care packages and distributing them in the poorest of areas. Along with our help, she can reach more people.  Our goal is to do more.  We are planning on visiting the poorest and neediest areas on a daily basis in and around Lima and other areas that are beyond what we would call poverty stricken.

Please donate if you can.  There are literally millions of people in Peru that are starving and need help, not only with food but also water.  They have no other resources to provide help, so we we do makes a big impact on their survival.

In Mexico, we are helping a church with finances as the pastors have no  money because of closures.  In Mexicali, Mexico we help support an orphanage called "Under His Wings", with food and propane gas needed to prepare meals.

We are also preparing to help a school in Nicaragua, where the 140 children don't have enough food to eat.

Locally, we are available for prayer.  Our weekly gatherings offer compassion and hope for all those who walk through our doors. We also provide hot food, clothing and prayer. Because of the faithfulness of Jesus, we have been blessed to have witnessed many people healed.

Beside your offering of prayers, we ask for donations of good used clothing, essentials, food and any amount of financial help you could provide.

We have seen how our ministry has changed lives and thank you for being a substantial part of making this happen.





...to bring hope and help to people in need


A Future in Hope


How good and how pleasant it is... to dwell together in unity.

                                                        Psalm 133:1