Our purpose is to bring hope and help to those in need. We want to encourage and guide people to discover their special gifts and how to use them to bless the lives of


Everyone can get involved at some level.

We except unwanted eyeglasses, children's new socks and undergarments. We can spread hope through love and caring.

Spreading Hope

A Future in Hope

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...to bring hope and help to people in need

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the smallest amount    can change a life


During these troublesome times we are allowing time to pass with purpose.

Last year, 2019 saw us doing more and going more places,  we visited Milan, Italy, Havana, Cuba and Mexicali, Mexico and many new seeds were planted.  We had many new trips planned for 2020, but had to put them on hold due to the COVID epidemic.  

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Donate Essentials

Such as new children's undergarments and socks  (Please inquire)